How To Lead Better Remote Meetings

Sitting through virtual meetings, especially for new hires who have never met their colleagues face to face can be quite overwhelming and confusing. All of this together can eventually hinder collaboration and decision-making within the team. Create an agenda in advance of the meeting with input from attendees, if necessary. It can be easy for a remote meeting to slide off-topic, so having a clear set of conversation topics and action points will ensure waffle is kept to a minimum. Present the agenda before the session, and at the start of the call.

All-Remote Meetings

In hybrid settings, those that are physically present may work under these same norms, unintentionally boxing out virtual participants who lack the same ability to contribute spontaneously. To prevent this problem, employers can require all attendees to raise their hand when they have something to say. Many digital platforms now offer a reaction feature so remote participants can virtually raise their hands as well.

Imagine functioning as a team rather than individuals on a daily basis. In fact, many businesses are already enjoying the benefits of daily virtual connection because they’re using Filo in a personalized manner. To overcome this, I was intentional about defining what a solid day’s work looked like in my role. I asked myself what things I should aim to accomplish each day, no matter what, to be productive based on goals and objectives that applied to me.

Use A Meeting Agenda, Take Notes, Assign Next Steps And Send Meeting Notes

You have marketers who will be helping out with designs for social posts and blog CTAs. During your weekly office hours, marketers can bring you their designs and you can walk through tips and feedback via video meeting. Monthly or quarterly progress meetings are a way to check in on initiatives, sales, or whatever goals your team has. Give each stakeholder 5-10 minutes to update the team on progress towards goals, roadblocks, successes, and failures.

  • We are able to communicate through virtual means to avoid asking our CSPs to interrupt their normal daily routine.
  • You just haven’t yet seen what’s possible with a premium product that you can customize to your needs.
  • It’s fun, helps the team get to know a person better, lets people ask questions, and build social connections.
  • As we grow, we’d like to incorporate periodic gatherings for everyone, wherever they are at the time.
  • The mediums of video and face-to-face communication influence messages in different ways.

Consider where your team members are located before picking a meeting time. When meeting attendees are distributed across multiple time zones, check to see if there’s a time when their work schedules overlap. Team meetings are beneficial to keep everyone aligned no matter where they’re located. We host weekly meetups for all remote workers living in or visiting the Portland area — and anyone we’re working with is invited to join us for any meetup. As we grow, we’d like to incorporate periodic gatherings for everyone, wherever they are at the time. We try to set a regular team meet up once or twice a year.

The Complete Guide To Remote Team Meetings

Consider if their perspective matches yours as well as if they appear to have faith in the strategy. If you feel something is amiss, you check in with them after a few days. Or perhaps there was some development you were unaware of. We’ve selected a few of the best insights around meeting each other remotely, and provided them below. The right tools for your intended remote collaboration are out there. You just haven’t yet seen what’s possible with a premium product that you can customize to your needs.

Likewise, remote calls are limited to audio and screen sharing. Be overly descriptive of what you’re talking about to ensure everyone understands. Make sure you do a systems test before the call with one or two people to ensure that everything works well. This is especially important for calls with a larger number of attendees. Remote meetings are more popular than ever before and will continue to grow in demand. After the COVID19 crisis, workers were forced to pivot their working style, adjusting from in-person meetings to working collaboratively behind a screen.

A switched-on company leader wants to solve HR problems, not suppress them. “93% of workers want flexibility when they work,” says Subramanian. Gartner also recommends using unconventional meeting lengths.

One way around this is to agree that when one team member must dial in to the meeting, all members should do so, too. This helps reduce such stigma and puts participants on a more equal footing. While this kind of ad hoc interaction may end up revealing problems within your company, it should ideally help build team cohesion and maintain morale.

With onsite Customer engagements, we’re afforded great opportunities for team get-togethers and bonding. Many members of our team go out of their way to meet up if they’re traveling through someone’s neighborhood. We try to get everyone into our New York office at least once a year for a holiday party. Folks who live close often meet once a week for what we call ‘swam days’. Everyone comes in, works together, has lunch together, and gets their fill of human contact.

Remote team members are not so different from colleagues you have worked with in person. They want to feel like they’re part of the team, like their contribution makes an impact, and they want to know where they stand. But stuffing your employees’ diaries with casual stand-up meetings to promote a fun work culture isn’t the right way to go about it.

These meetings should have prepared talking points and agendas sent to the team ahead of time and should allow plenty of time for questions from each team. If the meeting is regular (ex. a monthly sales and marketing meeting) and feels like it’s sales presenting, then marketing presenting, then silence, try mixing up the format. Make sure there is a reason for the two teams to meet and time for collaboration rather than just sharing accomplishments or updates in a one-directional way. Each year we hold a company meeting and try to gather together as many remote teams as possible. These meetings last a few days and provide the perfect space to help further foster our connections and teamwork. If you wish to schedule work meetings for the sole purpose of building interpersonal relationships, and mimicking casual water-cooler conversations, this could work well.

What Is A Hybrid Meeting?

The pandemic accelerated the use and evolution of videoconference technology to enable virtual meetings from PCs, tablets, and phones. As providers invest heavily to better enable hybrid meetings, new features are being introduced to improve face-to-face communication among in-person and remote attendees. As the pandemic eases and we resume gathering in person, hybrid meetings will become a permanent part of how organizations function. These meetings bring added complexity at the same time that our collective Covid-driven year of meeting virtually raised expectations for remote participation. Free online collaboration tools are everywhere, but you shouldn’t choose them because they’re free.

All remote meetings include people who aren’t sitting in the same room together. That’s where the similarities end, and that’s exactly why some of the most well-known remote meeting collaboration software fails for modern businesses. However, many other teams find they are still holding stand-ups and that the meeting is demonstrably better, more productive, and less frequent. Because Status Hero has already captured and recorded the details, the team can use the time to focus on meaningful interactions and building psychological safety rather than rote data collection. Most importantly, team members have more respect for the meeting since they don’t feel liketheir time is being wasted. Meeting management tools might involve cloud-based storage of notes, a digital whiteboard, or a mind map to capture notes in real-time.

How To Run Effective Remote Meetings

No one has actually met our Australian team member in person yet, but this will change when he comes to Europe in Spring. We have also gotten opportunistic in the past and have clumps of people in a geographic area meet. Even though we work in airfare, it still can feel expensive to fly those last 10 percent of people to a meeting when they are far away. ReadyTal connects remote-first employers with the best software developers around the world.

Yes, our entire team meets up once every year in the spring in a different part of the world for a week-long retreat. Past retreat locations have been Hawaii, Madrid, and Singapore. Typically our partners will connect more frequently for business meetings across the country throughout a year, and our greater team meet to connect as a group twice a year. We hold regular day-long events, called MeetUps, to give our employees in different areas a chance to gather, learn about our mission, get to know each other better, and have fun. Various company leaders join these events in person and by video call. Our home-based team members are often separated by hundreds of miles.

All-Remote Meetings

Still, it’ll encourage creativity, and you can host a virtual “gallery walk” to showcase everyone’s work and inspire discussion. We feel simultaneously burnt out on video calls and disconnected from our teammates in the age of the virtual meeting. Attention spans and participation seem to have decreased along with the quality of our online gatherings. For some, this may not be all that different from pre-COVID-19 times.

If you don’t know there is an issue, how can you resolve it? By giving your team a forum to raise concerns, you’ll be able to guide them more quickly to a resolution. And for team members that deal directly with stakeholders and customers, standups enable efficient communication to surface information that needs to be shared with others.

Close Meetings With The Next Action Steps

There are holiday meetings, reward meetings, termination meetings, and “welcome aboard! GitLab conducts all meetings — internal and external — using a video conferencing platform. With no offices, we lean on video calls to maintain human contact. As participants in a video conference, we voluntarily enable a face to face interaction with a person on the other side, which requires some level of courage and humility. I was very uncomfortable turning my video on, routinely concerned with my appearance, my surroundings, and my background. Many teams use a tool like Status Heroinstead of holding a traditional, synchronous stand-up meeting.

In 2021, PwC and McKinsey surveys found that execs expect less than 5 days per week of in-person work. Another 72% plan on increasing investments in tools for virtual collaboration. Culture 3 ways to strengthen team culture in 2022 and beyond Our top culture strategy tips, plus a free ebook for you and your team Read More…

The role of the meeting facilitator is to make sure the meeting runs smoothly and everyone has the opportunity to participate. One of the biggest meeting challenges for remote and on-site workers is being interrupted or talked over. The meeting facilitator guides the conversation and keeps things on track. They’ll keep a close eye on the remote meeting participants, make sure the AV setup is working properly, and including all remote meeting attendees in the conversation. A remote meeting, also known as a virtual meeting, occurs when a group of people, who are dispersed across different locations, use video and audio to connect online.

Meeting Techniques And Tools To Engage Your Remote Colleagues

Even though creating an agenda can take some time, it’s still worth it to make remote meetings more effective and productive. Our central New York office serves as a hub for remote workers and team members who are in the office every day. We accommodate any remote team members who may want to travel into the office for a meeting or just to be in that social setting How to run a successful remote meeting with their coworkers. We also organize corporate retreats, which build camaraderie but also offer opportunities for face-to-face collaboration. These take place a few times a year in a different city, so everyone is meeting up and exploring a new place. There is a fine line between building relationships via video chat and giving your employees Zoom overload.

After The Meeting

Keep everyone accountable to what they agreed to during your meeting. If one person agreed to look into something, assign a next step to them with a due date. Bob Frischis the Founding Partner of theStrategic Offsites Group.

Tools like Range can help you build moments of connection into meetings of all kinds, keeping your team in sync both personally and professionally. Setting aside some time for arts and crafts can be an effective way to liven up your meetings If you work with a creative team (and even if you don’t). It may take some planning, like collecting the right type of paper if you’re going to do origami or coloring books.

Alternatively, you can write agenda and meeting minutes on Google Docs too or any cloud-based documenting platform. Avoid offline docs as it can lead to various versions that could lead to confusion during the video conference. The remote team structure has been growing in popularity and is fast becoming the preferred team structure in some industries. Now it’s not impossible to work with people from different time zones, countries, or cultures. Yet, it has all the tools you need to create new strategies that generate more interactive meetings with just the right energy.

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